Dear Mom –

I’ve got to keep it short tonight.  I’ve been up until 1 AM the last two nights, and it doesn’t suit me.  Especially not these days.  The 5:30 rise is killing me.  I couldn’t do it this morning,  Slept ’til 6:15 and rushed around doing first day of school activities and soccer and a coalition meeting unshowered with one of those funky pulled back hairdos with the glasses on top of my head to hide (yeah right) my nappy hair.  Thank god for blush and mascara but, man, I need some beauty rest and a shower something fierce.  I’m sure you understand.

The boys both had amazing days.  Amazing.  Loved their classes, their teachers.  So flippin’ happy.  That makes me happy, too.  Do wish I’d had more downtime with them this afternoon and evening.  I am setting the intention to be fully present with each boy as they arrive home tomorrow.  I will be rested – and clean – and welcome them with yummy snacks.  Oh – I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.  All they need is me.  Well – I like yummy snacks, too.  That settles it.  Yummy snacks there will be.

For now I’m just going to type up some Mark Nepo quotes from The Book of Awakening.  You would have loved Mark Nepo.  He’s friends with Oprah.  Yep.  Do you remember how she was going to retire the show the year you died?  Well – she gave it another 10 years.  Now she has her own network and has awesome guests for a show called Super Soul Sunday.  People dis her, but she is still the bomb in my book.  Always seeking.  Always serving.  The Book of Awakening is one of her all time favorites.  I’ve owned it for 5 years now.  It’s a daily reader, but since I’ve read everything in it – I just jump around sometimes.  Tonight I flipped back to near my birthday and found some of the text I underlined.  I feel change is in the air.  I feel myself being carried in the right direction.  I’m following my heart, but I touch down and use serious footwork once the path is before me.  I trust, regardless.  It becomes easier all the time.  There’s no need to freak and search and push.  No need.  All is as it should be – and it’s working out the best for all concerned.  Yep.

“Of magic doors there is this, you do not see them even as you are passing through.” ~Anonymous

“Often as we are being transformed, we cannot tell what is happening.  For while in the midst of staying afloat, it is next to impossible to see the ocean we are being carried into.”  ~ Mark Nepo

Letting go and drifting off.

Just heard your voice in my head, “Hey, Suz.”

Good night, Mom.

More tomorrow.




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